The Turkish League Against Rheumatism (TLAR) and Rheumatology Society of Turkey - (RST) (The Society for Research and Education in Rheumatology of Turkey) do hereby confirm and declare that they have agreed to establish a joint partnership in the form of a platform, titled as the Rheumatology Platform of Turkey pursuant to the provisions of the Associations Code articles No 1 and 25 and the Associations Regulations article No. 94. The title of Rheumatology Platform of Turkey shall hereinafter be denoted as the “Rheumatology Federation of Turkey” in order to overcome the potential problems which may occur during its translation.

The objective of establishing the Rheumatology Federation of Turkey, the address of the main office of the Federation where its work shall be performed, the executive committee members of the Federation and the rules regarding its coordination are specified below: The two Associations, which have formed the platform, shall be hereinafter referred to as “The Associations”.

Article 1. The Objective of the Federation:

The Associations have constructed the Rheumatology Federation of Turkey in order to realize their common goals: To decrease the burden of rheumatic diseases for individuals and society, to prevent their occurrence and in order to encourage research in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of such diseases.

While TRASD had been representing Turkey in the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) since 1947, which is an international scientific community that carries out activities in the same direction as the Associations, from this point forward, they have decided to represent Turkey together under the Rheumatology Federation of Turkey.

Article 2. The Management of the Federation

The Executive Committee of the Federation consists of six members, three members from each association; these are the former Executive Committee Chairpersons of each Association, the current Executive Committee Chairpersons, and the current Secretaries General.

The duty period of the Federation’s Executive Committee is three years. The members of the Federation’s Executive Committee are renewed once every two years in March in compliance with the qualifications that are specified above. The former Chairpersons of the Executive Committee of the Associations shall hold the chairperson and deputy chairperson positions of the Rheumatology Federation of Turkey, alternately for one year.

In the case that the previous chairperson of an association is re-elected as the new chairperson, the chairperson shall appear in the Federation’s Executive Committee both as the current chairperson and also as the former chairperson, therefore an additional person from the same association’s Executive Committee will be included in the Federation’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee of said association will decide said member.

If any member of the Federation’s Executive Committee leaves for reasons such as resigning or death, then a new member is determined and appointed by the Association which has designated said member, on the condition that his/her term will be limited to that of the former member.

The Federation will organize the first Executive Committee meeting in March after both of the Associations notify each other of the members, which they have appointed. Under normal conditions The Executive Committee shall meet once every six months, and if an urgent condition occurs that is relevant for the objective of the Federation, then an extraordinary meeting will be held upon call of the Term Chairperson.

Upon termination of his term, The Chairperson shall prepare an annual report about his activities in regard of EULAR and submit it to the Associations. He shall inform the Federation’s founding Associations’ Executive Committees about the relevant correspondence with EULAR. The activities of The Federation’s Executive Committee are sent to both parties to be filed at their Archives.

Article 3. The Location of the main office of the Federation:

The Federation performs its activities either at the city where the principal office of the Association of the Term Chairpersons or in another place which shall be decided by the partners collaboratively.

The correspondence addresses of the related Associations in connection with the Federation activities shall be:

For Turkish League Against Rheumatism (TLAR);

Türkiye Romatizma Araştırma ve Savaş Derneği (TRASD)

Dumlupınar caddesi 40/3 Cebeci-Dörtyol / Ankara Turkey.


For Rheumatology Society of Turkey:

Türkiye Romatoloji Derneği (TRD)

Kore Şehitleri Caddesi Onurgil İş Merkezi No:35/6 Esentepe - Şişli - Istanbul Turkey.


All sorts of notifications shall be addressed to the above-mentioned addresses.

Article 4. Joint membership to EULAR and its representation

The former chairpersons of the Executive Committees of the Associations will assume the chairpersonship of the Federation, alternately, for one year. It has been agreed upon that the first term Chairperson of the Federation will be from TLAR.

The Term Chairperson of the Federation shall represent the Federation in the National Scientific Rheumatology Associations group, which is defined in the 3rd article, paragraph No. of the EULAR Bylaws.

The Term Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson will participate in the general assembly meetings of EULAR on behalf of the Federation in compliance with EULAR regulations. The Term Chairperson who is entitled to represent the Federation casts a vote when a vote is called.

The persons who shall participate into the study groups or committees apart from the EULAR general assembly meetings will be determined by equal participation of the Associations and will be notified to the Federation.

All of the information, which shall be communicated to the Federation’s Administration by EULAR, is shall be forwarded to the General Secretaries of the Associations, who are included in the Executive Committee of the Federation. The Term Chairperson, when necessary will communicate the decisions made to EULAR.

It is essential that the decisions that shall be taken by the Federation’s Administration should be taken by unanimous vote. During cases when consensus has not been reached, absolute majority takes decisions. When votes are equal, then the decision of the Term Chairperson will be final.

The Associations shall carry out all of their activities in EULAR pursuant to the decisions taken in the Federation’s Executive Committee based on the rules described in this memorandum of agreement.

Article 5. Financial Provisions:

The Associations calculate their share of membership fees to be paid to EULAR as per member bases which is determined by multiplying said amount by their own number of members. The total amount of membership fees of the Federation to EULAR shall be done by the Association of the Term Chairperson that will make the total membership fee payment of said year to EULAR.

The Associations shall jointly provide cover for the expenses of the Federation’s Executive Committee in regard with their meetings and other activities including participation in EULAR general assembly and other EULAR activities determined by the Federation Executive Committee.

Article 6. Joint Provisions

Rheumatology Federation of Turkey is established mainly to carry out the EULAR activities by both of the Associations jointly and to further develop this cooperation. Despite this, the Associations do not perceive this objective of establishment as a restricting condition for future work and they share the prospects for further development of the cooperation in compliance with the common objectives.

Maximum effort will be put into resolving discrepancies that may emerge between the parties in regard with the sustenance of the collaboration and cooperation. Despite that, if it becomes impossible to continue the activities of the Federation jointly, and one of the associations decides to leave the Federation, it has to officially inform the other party and the EULAR about its decision. Then the Associations will seek arbitration of EULAR in finding a solution and shall accept the arbitration of EULAR under said conditions.

Article 7. Enforcement:

The Associations have accepted and signed this Memorandum of Agreement for establishing the Rheumatology Federation of Turkey in Turkish and English languages on 01/March/2014. According to this Memorandum of Agreement, the Federation’s activities shall officially commence, after having been approved by the general assemblies of each Association, with the first meeting of the Federation’s Executive Committee that will be held in March 2014. The terms of the Federation’s Executive Committee members are two years, starting from the date of the first meeting.

Article 8. The Federation’s Executive Committee may make alterations to the above- mentioned articles according to emerging needs (after having taken the mutual consensus of the Associations).